About yolBe

Our Mission

yolBe aims to create an inclusive community for untapped talent everywhere to easily connect with career-growing opportunities. Through our innovative, mobile-first technology, we improve the lives of young adults and people with disabilities by helping them build on their social capital through a trusted and comprehensive platform for upskilling, jobs, and support services.

Our Story

yolBe’s story originated in 2013 when our CEO envisioned a platform that would dramatically improve the lives of Job Seekers in underserved communities by connecting them to the opportunities and resources they need to thrive. We settled on the name “Yolobe” which is a loose concatenation of the phrase “Your life only better” and quickly set to work to learn what we needed to build.
In our early years we were a ragtag team of passionate volunteers who immersed ourselves in true customer discovery work. We partnered with a few schools in the south suburbs of Chicago and created innovative programming such as peer mentoring, internships built around the Lean Startup method, and even a teen expo we put on in 2015 where we successfully united 1,000 students from 50+ schools and 100 employers big and small. Since then, our team has been constantly building our product, working closely with our customers to continually add value to the yolBe community.

Who We Serve

yolBe serves a growing community of networks! Examples of those we help include:

  • Chicago Public Schools
  • City of Milwaukee
  • Employ Milwaukee
  • Elevate
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Technical Assistance Center for Quality Employment