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Intern working with yolBe staff
Photo of our CEO, David Douglas
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“YolBe is an organization that cares about connecting jobs and opportunities to people from communities that have been too-often overlooked. This aligns with our mission at Elevate to advance equity through climate action. We are happy to partner with YolBe to connect job seekers and employers in order to advance an equitable clean energy economy.”

Jeanine Otte, Associate Director

Workforce Development, Elevate
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“I have had several individuals recently attend local hiring events and interviewed on the spot with employers. Without DCMKE they likely would not have had this opportunity. Social media has become woven into the fabric of our daily lives, so DCMKE serves as a cutting edge platform directly connecting job seekers with local employers ready to hire.  Job search can be challenging for many reasons, yet DCMKE makes it easy. Usually when I inform a job seeker, they say “WOW, this is great” or “how have I not heard of this?” and they will often tell their friends. No other app on the market can compare to the content provided by DCMKE.”

Andrew Simons

Compete Milwaukee, Network in the City of Milwaukee's DCMKE Alliance