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Partner Products

YolBe offers three partner products: YolBe Network, YolBe Alliance, & YolBe Employer
  • YolBe Networks

    Designed For cities, municipalities, workforce agencies, CBOs, FBOs, nonprofits, schools, and more, "YolBe Networks" help organizations empower young adults in a new way
  • YolBe Alliances

    With all of the features of a network plus more, YolBe alliances allow networks with a similar mission to join forces and achieve their goals
  • YolBe Employer/Partners

    Whether it be paid positions, internships, or community events, your opportunities will reach a dedicated audience

How it works

Our three-sided marketplace includes opportunity seekers, employers, & supportive entities called "Networks"

Supportive "Networks"

Networks include cities & government, workforce agencies, nonprofits, schools, local communities, and more. Each network has administrators, such as career specialists and anyone specializing in helping members meet their career goals. Seekers join networks they are affiliated with, or to connect with new ones.

"Networks" send candidates

Employers & providers join networks to post/share opportunities to a targeted audience, to search for candidates, or to receive referrals from networks. Human touch works to ensure candidates are a right fit, all the while reducing the time and cost employers spend navigating the entry-level space.

AI & Multichannel

Candidates can also apply directly to jobs with the assistance of a skills-matching algorithm. AI drives smart recommendations & a structured feed for job seekers. Our AI persona sends recommendations through our multichannel product - SMS text, mobile app notifications, E-mail digests, & yolBe web.

Our Partners

Network Alliance Case Studies

The city of Milwaukee formed an alliance network which connects multiple networks under one umbrella called DirectConnect Milwaukee, @DCMKE. It was established to connect local career-focused NPO's so that young adults and unemployed residents in Milwaukee can build social capital and take advantage of all the resources, services, and opportunities available in the area
Over 50+ organizations have signed up and joined the movement

Network Alliance Case Studies

Equal Access is a key priority initiative of YolBe to drive positive outcomes for people with disabilities seeking employment opportunities and other services. In 2018 @EqualAccess was launched as an alliance of disability serving organizations throughout Chicago. Equal Access brings together in a single marketplace all the organizations and employers/providers serving this community.

What organizations are saying...

“I have had several individuals recently attend local hiring events and interviewed on the spot with employers. Without DCMKE they likely would not have had this opportunity. Social media has become woven into the fabric of our daily lives, so DCMKE serves as a cutting edge platform directly connecting job seekers with local employers ready to hire.  Job search can be challenging for many reasons, yet DCMKE makes it easy. Usually when I inform a job seeker, they say “WOW, this is great” or “how have I not heard of this?” and they will often tell their friends. No other app on the market can compare to the content provided by DCMKE.”

Andrew Simons, Compete Milwaukee

“We have used DCMKE to recruit job seekers into our monthly workshops and to advertise our services. I would say DCMKE is extremely easy to navigate once you get started using it. I would highly recommend DCMKE for any organization that has a community outreach component…especially if they rely heavily on social media for their advertising and recruitment. They should definitely be using this free and accessible tool!”

Michael Adams, Milwaukee JobsWork

“My experience with DCMKE has been amazing. The platform has provided our agency with an opportunity to share employment opportunities, training sessions, and open workshops with job seekers. DCMKE has opened multiple networking opportunities and has allowed us to enroll more youth into the WIOA program while enabling us to connect them with career mentors.”

Bridget Howard, Dynamic Workforce Solutions

“As a DCMKE Admin, I appreciate the platform's ability to advertise for Project Return's prison reform advocacy services. I'm also excited about the opportunity to use DCMKE to build up the clientele of Returning Citizens seeking resources and second chances. It's a great tool for Project Return to express what we are and what we do in the community. I enjoy being a critical part of helping to build DCMKE. The challenge I willingly embrace is getting DCMKE out in the community for more usage. When I tell people to connect with Veronica, it’s always a fluid process…they’re always able to connect immediately because of the ease of using this platform. It’s extremely user friendly and any organization that has a social outreach aspect should be using this system to connect with a vast and diverse community.”

Andre Brown, ProjectReturn

“I use DCMKE as a general outreach tool, similar to Twitter and Facebook. The nice thing about Yolobe is the opportunity to directly connect with job seekers who are already enrolled in our programming or are potentially eligible. On Twitter or Facebook, anyone can see the posts, but by using this platform, we have a better fishnet to catch potential job seekers and accurately target our clients. DCMKE is on a great trajectory. We are working toward seeing it reach its full potential and I'm excited to see what the future holds. If it's anything like what I've seen so far, it's going in a positive direction.”

Stephanie Stilwell, AmericaWorks

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